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Monday, October 20, 2008


By Kerry H. Walters

An innovative Controller has a set of ingenious approaches that go far beyond the traditional Controller tools related to providing financial information to management and controlling accounting and financial processes, procedures and information. The innovative Controller has a comprehensive toolbox that helps a company reach a higher level of conscious awareness about achieving new growth, reducing costs, increasing profits, and developing contingency plans for unfavorable events that may affect the company’s future.

The innovative Controller’s array of progressive tools should contain at least the following:

Ø A leadership tool of vision, the ability to see where the company is currently, where it needs to go and how to get there.
Ø A leadership tool for finding the processes and procedures across the company that should be changed and achieving the results that allows the company to successfully reach their goals and objectives.
Ø Lean tools that eliminate waste leading to cost reductions and increased profits.
Ø Leadership and training tools to create innovative changes within the company increasing market competitiveness and customer loyalty.
Ø Costing and sales tools that continues to keep the company competitive in the market.
Ø Leadership tool of passion, the energetic desire to bring success to the company.
Ø Forecasting and projection tools that will prepare management for market upswings and downturns.
Ø Leadership tool of persistence, the ability to overcome unforeseen challenges and complete the project.
Ø Leadership and training tools related to employee growth, effectiveness, efficiency, and the stability of the company’s number one asset; their employees.

Innovate ideas, innovative toolsets, innovative people and innovative changes are essential if companies are going to continue to succeed in today’s economy. Many companies have been optimizing processes, services, products and markets for years. The next step is to benefit from the results of innovation. A Controller with their innovative toolset should be a driving member of the company’s management team that will maximize innovation across the company. They will change the company’s systems, processes, products, services and markets that will lead to long-term growth in revenues, stronger customer loyalty, cost reductions and increased profits.

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